Theda Rhea Painting Featured
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Franz Kafka by Theda Rhea

Franz Kafka
by Theda Rhea


Oxford University Press Publication
Kafka Portrait By Theda Rhea


Theda Rhea


            The New York Editor of Oxford University Press has notified Coleman Artist, Theda Rhea, that her portrait painting of the writer Franz Kafka is featured on the cover of the Oxford University Press book, The Mystical Life of Franz Kafka. The book is an academic text by June O. Leavitt who teaches courses in mystical literature in religious traditions in the Overseas Program of Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Israel. The book is currently available from Oxford University Press, Amazon, and other Internet booksellers.

            The Comparative Literature Department of
Texas Tech University originally commissioned Theda Rhea to paint her Kafka portrait for an international literature symposium featuring the works of Franz Kafka at Texas Tech University. The Theda Rhea portrait of Kafka was published by the symposium and placed in the permanent collection of Texas Tech after the event.

Wolfgang Rothe and Belser Verlag in Heidelberg, Germany also included the Theda Rhea portrait of Kafka in Kafka in der Kunst. Their book features international artists who have painted their interpretations of Franz Kafka.

Theda Rhea and her husband Sherrell Hazlewood maintain their studio in San Marcos, Texas.

Additional information on the life and works of Franz Kafka can be found on the web site http://www.kafka-online.info.

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