Theda Rhea



A Child of Spain

Child of Spain

Pastel 24"x18"

Private Collection 


Vibrant color, essential form and mastery of composition, define the work of Theda Rhea. Her paintings, whether noble or humble, convey a message of humanity which is the true essence of her artistic philosophy.

Her work is in numerous private collections throughout the United States and is included in the collections of Texas Tech University, the Nita Stewart Haley Library, Midland, Texas and various public institutions in New Mexico and California. Theda Rhea's paintings and illustrations have been published in the United States and Europe.

Publications include:

Oxford University Press Book The Mystical Life of Franz Kafka Cover Portrait of Franz Kafka By Theda Rhea

J. Evetts Haley, Robbing Banks Was My Business, Illustrations by Theda Rhea

Texas Tech University Comparative Literature Symposium, Vol. IV

University of Heidelberg, Kafka in der Kunst, Franz Kafka portrait by Theda Rhea

Southwest Art Magazine, A Glimpse of Humanity

52nd National Orange Show Catalog, El Puesto de Frutas, First Place.

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